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An important process in maintaining future health!

Midwest Aquatics & Landscaping in Ogden, Ames, and Boone, IA understands the importance of shutting down your water feature/pond in the fall, before winter approaches. Call us today to schedule pond shutdown services.

Fall Shutdowns

If your pond or water feature isn't shutdown properly, it can lead to equipment damage and the loss of expensive fish and delicate plants.

Fall shutdowns start out at $150.00, if we have to take apart and store UVs and external filters it starts at 200$. The initial first time shutdown price will vary depending on how big the net has to be, and how much cable is needed to support said net, and how many fence posts are needed(2 usually). These are storeable and reusable.

What to Expect

We'll shutdown your pond and winterize it for you. This includes: blowing auto fill lines out with air and putting a net over your pond, and stimulating the water. It is important to net your pond to keep as many leaves out as possible. The accumulation of leaves and debris in your pond is unsightly, can clog filters, and tint your water a tea color. During spring cleaning we want the water quality to be as healthy as possible so we can reuse the water to keep an already established ecosystem. Besides these visible issues, leaves and debris can create much more serious problems most pond owners don't notice. As they decompose, the leaves will emit various toxins into the water which will endanger the lives of your fish, while encouraging the growth of algae. During the winter this effect can be fatal to our aquatic pets. If the water is not stimulated by a pump, aerator, or a hole kept open with a pond heater. Ice will trap all the gases and toxins in the pond without a way to escape.

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