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Maintain and Care For Your Pond!

A regularly maintained pond produces the utmost conditions for your aquatic plants and wildlife. Contact Midwest Aquatics & Landscaping in Ogden, Ames, and Boone, IA for pond maintenance services throughout Iowa.

Regular Maintenance

Not having regular maintenance of your pond could allow for pH imbalance, leading to damage to your fish and plant life.

What we do on our personal ponds weekly:

  • 10% Water change to encourage growth, and get rid of toxins in the water.
  • Backwash/Clean filters
  • Add new water
  • Add beneficial bacteria

When it comes to maintenance we offer weekly($260)/bi-weekly($130)/monthly visits($65).

What to Expect

During these visits we will:

  • Clean your biological filter pads, and skimmer nets.
  • We will trim back old/decaying plant matter in the pond. Water lilies in particular.
  • Add waterfall scrubber(dissolved oxygen) to the waterfalls to help with string algae build up.
  • Add Beneficial Bacteria
  • Make sure the pond and pumps are running correctly, with no visible or apparent leaks.

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