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We build and designs many types of water features!

Midwest Aquatics & Landscaping installs Fountains, Rock Bubblers, and Basalt Columns across Iowa. Reach out to us in Ogden, Ames, or Boone, IA to get started today!

Ecosystem Pond

An ecosystem pond is just a small pond with a waterfall, skimmer, pump. This pond relies on aquatic plants and weekly doses of beneficial bacteria. Typically 18" to 24" deep Maintenance consists of simple weekly tasks, and a yearly deep spring cleaning.

Stock: Goldfish, Shubunkins, small Koi. This is not a long term habitat for adult koi.

Pond Specs: Skimmer, Waterfall-Filter,Submersible Pump, Stone/Gravel, Aquatic Plants.

Advanced Ecosystem Pond

An advanced ecosystem pond is very similar to its counter part above. These ponds average 36" deep. The maintenance is very similar - weekly doses of beneficial bacteria, backwashing bio-falls, water changes, yearly deep clean in spring.

Stock: Goldfish, Shubunkins, Koi. A pond like this can typically house a few adult koi mixed goldfish, or even a turtle or two!

Pond Specs: Skimmer(s), Bio-Falls,Submersible or External Pump(s), Stone & Gravel, Aquatic Plants, Aeration, Ultra Violet Clarifier(UV).

Dedicated Koi Pond

Dedicated koi ponds are very common among koi enthusiasts, meant to show off the fish. It is a very safe pond setup, and very rarely includes waterfalls, aquatic plants etc. Dedicated koi ponds are only liner and/or concrete/brick that is epoxied, typically bowl shaped, no rocks to scrape/cut fish. The filtration is done mechanically by skimmers, bottoms drains, settlement tanks, bead pressure filters. Maintenance will involve weekly backwashing, water changes and checking water parameters.

Stock: Koi

Pond Specs: Minimum 4′ Depth, NO Stone & Gravel, NO Aquatic Plants, Bottom Drain(s), Skimmer(s), Settlement Tank(s), Bio-Falls, External Pump(s), Aeration, Ultra Violet Clarifier(UV).

Advanced Under Gravel Filtration (UGF)

The UGF is a maintenance free pond that greatly improves water clarity and quality. It reduces annual maintenance and allows the pond to hold more animal life then it normally would. The entire floor of the pond becomes a living biological filter that feeds on the debris that settles to the bottom of the pond. This pond style is very aesthetically pleasing, the maintenance includes weekly bacteria,water changes and occasional thinning of plants from a back washable active bog filter if we went that route. Bio-falls are more then capable of producing the same results,and still require backwashing.

Pond specs: 36" minmum depth, Skimmer(s), BioFalls/Active Bog Filter, External Pumps, Stone & Gravel, Aquatic Plants, Under Gravel Filtration grid, Aeration.

Optional additions: pressure bead filter for polishing, Ultra-Violet Clarifier for any green water.

Pondless Waterfall

A Pondless Waterfall is simply a re-circulating waterfall or stream without the presence of a pond. Pondless waterfalls work by pumping water contained in a large, in-ground reservoir up and through the Waterfall Spillway, allowing the water to flow back down into the reservoir.

Specs: Submersible Pump, Matrix Blocks, Vault.