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Pond Supplies

Need pond supplies? Looking for quality koi or healthy pond plants and greenery?

You've come to the right place. We have a variety water plants, fish and product as well as the ability to make specialty orders.

  • Fish food
  • Pumps
  • Liner
  • Aquatic Plants (We have taken over Skycrest)
  • Fish (including but not limited to Koi, Shubunkins, Goldfish)
  • Special orders available

Featured Products Available

Retail Fish

We currently offer:

  • Koi
  • Shubunkins
  • Goldfish

More to come soon! (I will hopefully be able to add more later as I grow)

Floating Plants

We have:

  • Hyacynths
  • Water Lettuce
  • Hornswart
  • Parrotsfeather
  • etc.


We have a big selection of Hardy and Tropical Waterlilies (I have non blooming really well right now, and I have too many different types and colors to go through it. Here in a month or so when they are all blooming I will be able to add some more pictures and a description of the waterlily.

Other Products Available

Aquatic Plants

We carry a wide variety of aquatic plants. So many to choose from. Come in and take a look.


We have a few different types of Water Lotus available.

Barley Bales

Beneficial Bacteria

Fish Food


Wire Rack

  • Air Stones
  • Water test kits
  • EPDM Patch Kits
  • Tubing
More to come soon! (I will hopefully be able to add more later as I grow)

Ultraviolet Lights

Professional ultraviolet clarifiers for ponds.


We have a small selection of fountain pumps - If you are looking for a specific pump we can have almost any pump the same day you need it (Monday-Friday). We are close to our supplier and its a advantage to getting something identical every time.

Pump and Filter

Chemicals and Fertilizers

Rain Lillies