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Spring Cleanings

Let us revive your water feature!

The harshness of fall and winter can reak havoc on your tranquil water feature. Filtration systems are meant to remove some of the debris, but a spring clean-out is recommended to remove the muck and sludge it missed. The result...a beautiful, healthy, happy pond life.

Spring Clean Outs

Midwest Aquatics & Landscaping in Ogden, Ames, and Boone, IA, will start spring clean outs in April. Clean outs are scheduled according to the date the clean out form is received.

An average 2000-3000 gallon pond will take approximately 2 hours. Pricing starts at $425 for first 2 hours, $65 for each additional hour. Pondless waterfall clean outs, and other features start at $250.

What to Expect

We will catch & store fish in holding tanks with as much existing water as possible, drain water from pond, power wash rock, gravel & filter mats, cut back aquatic plants as needed, remove debris, check for leaks, tweak waterfall and stream, adjust underwater lights,check liner stress spots, add water back in, dose with beneficial bacteria, dechlorinator if needed and start the water feature back up.

Water will look dirty when introduced back into the pond, beneficial bacteria will normalize pond in approximately a week. Original water helps ecosystem stay intact and rarely stresses the fish.

Contact Us for A Spring Clean-out

It's that time of year again. Time for spring cleaning. If you're in need of our cleaning services, please fill out the form below.

You can also download the form here, and mail it to: 986 222nd Dr, Ogden IA, 50212

*Disclaimer: We will do everything possible to protect your fish but cannot be held responsible for them*